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Knowledge is power.

Integral to our success is our digital platform which enables us to make faster, smarter decisions when it comes to managing our current product portfolio and launching new insurance products.

Here’s a quick insight into the technology and expertise that sits behind all of our products:

Consumer Analytics

Having this data at our finger tips helps us understand the shape, size and make-up of the markets we enter


We use robots to help with the heavy lifting of data analysis. They never sleep, they never tire, they never stop

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies and Algorithms

Help us understand why and when customers buy and renew

In-house IT and development team

We develop our products, pricing matrixes and websites in-house meaning we can bring products to market faster

In-house digital marketing team

Our team of experienced digital and marketing communication ninjas live and breathe our products. Their job is to drive millions of customers to our websites every year and make their insurance journey fast and easy

In a nutshell. What does that mean?

With this insight and know-how we’re able to drive the right people to our websites and offer them competitive rates based on their risk level. This means we’re able to attract profitable customers, which is a hugely scalable and sustainable model that keeps our insurance partners working with us year after year.

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